Realign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic Readings

Realign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic Readings

Realign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic ReadingsRealign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic Readings

Guidance Through The Akashic Record


Identify Traumatic Experiences that may be holding you back

A reading identifies choices you have made and are continuing to make, that are based on traumatic experiences in this lifetime or a previous lifetime, that may be impeding the harmonizing of your mind, body, and Soul as they seek alignment.

Discover the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Create the Future

A reading examines past and present choices so that you can decide if you would like to clear some choices that no longer serve you.  New choices can then be freely made and actions taken to bring your Divinity into closer alignment with your human experience.

Adjust Your Vibrational Frequency

You can adjust the vibrational state of your entire Being by the choices you make and by the resulting actions you take while here on Earth. In fact, this is the Soul level work that can ONLY be done while you are here.  It is why you come here, and it is why you choose to return in subsequent lifetimes to continue.  


Because Through this work, you can clear away limiting blocks and restrictions and open your heart, mind, and Spirit to the abundance of your soul’s Divine self-expression.

Access Your Primary Energy Center

A reading provides identification of your unique, Divinely created, primary energy center.  When we move about our earthly environment in alignment with this energy center, we make choices that are congruent with our unique Divine gifts.  The Soul of each of us is a specialist in one (maybe two) areas. The reading reveals your own area of specialization and your Soul Blueprint.

Contact Barbara H Reed, EdD  561-596-8636

Reading Fee is $150.00. This interactive, 60 minute Reading includes preliminary intuitive work- up and live presentation via Zoom recording. A follow-up plan is also included  in the form of a suggested 21 day individualized realignment protocol.