Realign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic Readings

Realign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic Readings

Realign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic ReadingsRealign Your Life with Soul Realignment™/Akashic Readings

Additional Testimonials


 I  just wanted to give thanks and kudos here to  Barbara Reed, who recently gave me the most amazing Soul Realignment reading. This included opening my Akashic record and identifying how my Soul's purpose is showing up so strongly in so many different ways in my present life. Barbara had done a reading for me about a year or so ago, and it was especially inspirational for me to see the growth and healing that has happened (to me) on a spiritual level over this time-frame. She was right on target in all her assessments and I know this will be a useful tool for me as I progress on this metaphysical journey of love and awakening. Thank you Barbara Reed! You rock!!!

Amy D

I had an Akashic Record reading with our dear Barbara Reed last week.  My fourth one (overall) and by far the most fruitful for me.  The Council speaks of it in this channel and I am grateful to have had the push to transcribe my channels. After this reading, it became clear it is just another piece of what I am here to do. 

Keith N

I would highly recommend Barbara to do a “Soul Alignment” reading for you.  Barbara is very professional with an engaging and warm personality.  I do not know of anyone else that does such a complete and thorough Akashic reading.  

Barbara spent several hours prior to our meeting gathering information from the Akashic Records.  We then met online for a Zoom meeting for one hour.  Barbara explained everything in detail, and I was allowed to ask any questions.  Barbara combines her intuitive skills with her mediumship talents to give you a life changing experience.  

Jayne H

Hi, just wanted to let you know what a beautiful reading I had today with Barbara Reed. She did a Soul Realignment™ Level 1 session with me. It was absolutely fascinating. She touched on so many areas of my life which she would have no way of knowing. She explained things about choices versus decisions, karma, how past lives can definitely influence many of the issues we are dealing with now. I could go on and on. I can’t wait to listen to the recording of our session, as there was so much information to digest. I would highly recommend this wonderfully talented and delightful soul. 

Patty C

I want to give a shout-out and thank you to Barbara Reed for the Soul Realignment Level 2 reading that I received from her! We did Level 1 a year ago - and even re-watching that before the Level 2 was eye-opening a year later! Barbara puts in a lot of time and work in preparation and Level 2 was even more eye opening and in-depth than Level 1. This was so fascinating and it really helped me identify some things that were cleared out and that I will continue to reflect upon! I kept nodding and seeing with new eyes some things that my soul (and lifetimes) have set up with my BS (belief systems!) :- So thank you, Barbara...

Thank you again, Barbara!

Sandy S

For the Month of February, 2020


 Growing Closer in a Family

We each receive the gift of a primary energy center from Divine Source at our Soul's  creation.  Our gift is unique and it is  eternal.  In a relationship with other unique humans (our children, our partner, our parents), we interact with their unique energy center and they with ours.  A brief introductory reading that identifies each family member's primary energy center and soul group of origin  can help with family members' goal to live in harmony.  

Offered this month as part of a complete Level One or Level 2 reading for one family member ($150. includes one full  reading and the added energy center and also soul group information for 1-5 other family members at no additional charge.)

Barbara H Reed, EdD  561-596-8636

"It has been a year now and I feel I am well on the road to healing my grief and better able to stay connected to the "big picture" of my soul's journey. I highly recommend booking a session with Barbara as her insight and practical approach can change your life for the better as it has mine.

Susan A,  2019

Thank you for the reading!  The Level 3 reading adds congruency to the Life Path... with simply lovely added affirmations.

Blessings,  Andy 

Andy Lee RN, CCA, LAc


"I had my Level 3 session with Barbara Reed last week. Reviewing past input and learning new information felt like tying everything up with a bow.  After the first night of reading my affirmations, I woke in the middle of the night.  I felt that I had more deeply internalized what I had read.     I thought many times:  "I am One with One."  I highly recommend working with Barbara to better remember who you are, why you are here, and how to best proceed."

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, Director of SoulPhone Foundation

Founder of Greater Reality Living Groups 

My two Soul Realignment ™readings with Barbara Reed were a gift of awakening to what I already knew but somehow had forgotten in the struggle of my journey.  She helped me to unfold what I came to the planet to do .  Sitting with Barbara, I felt her wisdom and her compassion as she validated who I am at the deepest levels of my being.  It was like coming home. 

I have referred several clients to Barbara and all agree Barbara's readings connect us to a snese of belonging not only to our own Soul but to the rhythm that connects us to all things and all times.

With Gratitude, Barbara Kulle, Medical Hypnotherapist

November, 2019s

Did You Know


If you received a Level One reading from me at least 3-6 months ago, you are eligible to reserve a day and time for an in-depth Level 2 reading.  Please contact me by phone, text, or email for details and prices. 

Barbara H Reed, EdD  561-596-8636



1.  What are the Akashic Records?

An energy- based data base that contains all of the human choices and actions that have ever occurred.

2.  Is this reading the same as a past life regression?  No, they have different goals.