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What to Expect

"I highly recommend the services of Barbara Reed, MS, EdD for fine-tuning and upgrading yourself energetically.  I recently experienced the Soul ReAlignment module and was very impressed.  She relayed information that explained several of my long held questions.  Her words were so clear, concise, and wise that I marveled at them.  Several times, I experienced what I consider to be signs of chakra energy activation -- pressure over my chest, lump in my throat, tears in my eyes -- as her insights hit home.  I will complete her series of sessions and look forward to the benefits."
- Mark Pitstick, MA, DC    


Realign and Rejuvenate


My Soul Realignment with Barbara was so insightful. She is a lovely caring lady.

Barbara does extensive work even before you actually meet for your session.

Everything  we dicussed and all the traits of my own (and my son's) divine energy  source) were explained and discussed . I can now see why I react and  feel the way I do about situations and life here in general. So  precise-it blew me away!!!! 

You have a beautiful gift Barbara.

Julie (and Adam.💜 ) 2019


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The interactive, 60 minute Level One reading includes a preliminary intuitive work-up and and a live presentation via zoom recording. Recording is made available to client after the session. (Fee is $150. through PayPal once reading is scheduled)


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